Wall Coverings, Critchley's Oxford

Critchleys accountants and business managers were moving from their old office to a great new space in the centre of Oxford; they wanted to use the wall space to make a statement about them as a business to staff and customers alike.  Approaching us to help realise their vision, we carried out a site visit to get a feel for the office and provided samples of a number of different wall coverings, ranging from digitally printed wall papers to high adhesive vinyl, with different finishes for high and low traffic areas.

Being proud of their city, they wanted their office to show off Oxford in all it's glory!

Once all signed off and approved, we sent 2 sign fitters to the office to begin the job of realising their vision and creating the focal point for their new office.  

Critchleys were thrilled with the results - the open plan office and meeting rooms have been transformed and the results are there for all to see!