Built up letters, otherwise known as 3D letters, are often used to display a company logo in a stylish manor. The sides known as the 'return' can be set to a desired measurement to allow for bespoke depths of the letters.


Metal built up letters

The most common material used in creating built up letters is aluminium and stainless steel.  Your requirements on size and finish will determine which metal is used, but don't worry, unless specified we will advise the best option for your project.  To suit your desired colour our built up letters are powder coated to a RAL colour reference.  We can match the RAL reference to other colours, such as the colour on a business card for example.  When we can't find a RAL colour match we can offer a wet spraying service which can match those more un-common colours.

Brushed & Mirrored stainless steel

Built up letters can be finished in many metal finishes, but the most common metal finishes are brushed and mirrored stainless steel.  A higher grade stainless steel can be used nearer salt water areas to prevent 'dulling' of the metal, but this is a popular method to neutrally display text and logos where colour may not be appropriate or desired.

Acrylic built up letters

With a little creativity, there are many different effects that can be achieved with acrylic built up letters. The bright and funky colours that are available make acrylic signs eye catching and a statement to potential customers.  You can combine the use of acrylic with other materials, for example stainless steel to create signage that really stands out from the crowd.  Whether your project is completely bespoke or a standard font, our sales team here at Edge Signs would be happy to assist you with any queries that you may have.  Acrylic built up letters can be used in many different environments, from shop fronts to standard reception signs, to monoliths.


Thai Emerald, Oxford.  Gold acrylic face red returns