CNC router 3D ply wood wall - Contra Agency

This project was our most ambitious one since the arrival of our new CNC router.  The client is a regular one of ours and are a top design company in Greenwich, London, specialising in all things digital.  The directors at Contra Agency decided one day that their artistic and creative flair should be used to transform their office and studio space into a three dimensional showcase of their talents that until then had only featured in the digital sphere.

Unique and unconventional was the concept Contra Agency wanted realised, so they conceived (digitally of course) a design and it was our job to turn the vision into a reality.  Edge Signs suggested a number of materials to be considered for use and 9mm ply was settled upon, the rawness of the wood contrasting effectively with the sharpness of their stylish studio space in fashionable Greenwich.

With the materials purchased and loaded one by one into the CNC, the machine got to work, cutting just under 100 individual slats that would eventually come together to form the showpiece.

Once cut, the CNC breathed a sigh of relief as the installation phase began and each individual piece placed and secured in the spacer comb on site.  Several hours later the entire structure was complete.

The result of all the effort and hard work is something we are very proud of indeed!  Standing 2.3m square, it is an imposing and impressive feature that inspires and impresses all of Contra Agency’s visiting clients, showing off their talents in a tangible and three dimensional way.