The finest brush work for a the finest brand.

Les Edge the managing director her at Edge Signs started his career serving a 7 year apprenticeship at the age of 17 in art of traditional sign writing. Since then Les has become a master in his trade which has taken him all over the world.

In the 1980's Les begun a long standing relationship sign writing for Louis Vuitton which continues to this day. Les monograms the the luggage as part of a service Louis Vuitton offer their customers. Les often meets with the customers to discuss their ideas before personalising their item. Les has monogrammed for hundreds of individuals, but a few more well known include Princess Diana, Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham to name just a few.

Les uses special permanent inks that a far more durable and longer lasting than the usual acrylics, however the ink cannot be removed and therefore mistakes are simply not an option.

This fine work takes Les all across the world and is often in Moscow, Barcelona and Paris. In recent years Les has been training new artists in Russia and Europe as the demand grows.